Triptern is an automated travel planner that designs the perfect personalized in-city itinerary for your next vacation. Just select your destination, general interests and budget and your itinerary is ready! Triptern collects information on hundreds of thousands of must-see places then uses proprietary algorithms to recommend the optimal itinerary for you.






Triptern has expanded their trip planning coverage to 50,000 places and 150 major cities globally. So far, Triptern has planned more than 5,500 trips for customers from around the world. Currently a web app, Triptern is now working on a mobile app for Android, followed by IOS, with expected public release in Q4 2013. Triptern also received additional funding from GSF India.


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For some people, planning a trip down to the last detail is part of the fun. Not everyone enjoys poring over guidebooks for hours on end, and for those people, there’s Trip Tern. Trip Tern is an India-based startup that automates the travel-planning process…

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One of the most difficult parts of taking trip is the planning stage. Sometimes the logistics can be so exhausting and stressful that people are discouraged from taking the trip in the first place. However, the Internet makes the process easier. In the past travellers had to pour over guidebooks to plan their big trip. Now they can consult a website for their trip planning. One trip planning related site that is getting a lot of attention at the moment is This innovative site uses a proprietary algorithm to automatically plan efficient and fun trips. The site has quickly built up a reputation as the quickest and easiest way to plan a trip, and it has come into further prominence as a result of a recent expansion that brings the number of cities covered to 51. The site now covers almost every major city in Europe, and several big cities around the world….

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