TaxiMonger lets customers in Southeast Asia book taxis easily with a mobile app. Customer bookings are then forwarded directly to TaxiMonger network taxi-drivers for a quick, painless booking experience. By using TaxiMonger, taxi drivers increase efficiency and are able to generate greater daily sales.



TaxiMonger was awarded Top 10 Best Apps in Asia at openWebasia’12 held in December 2012. TaxiMonger also won the MSC Malaysia APICTA Award 2012 for the Best of Tourism & Hospitality category.



TaxiMonger received received a follow-on investment offer from a Malaysian government VC fund at a 9x increase in valuation over SeedStartup’s original investment just a few months prior.

Today, TaxiMonger’s taxi fleet has grown to 2,000 taxis and they have close to 11,000 paying customers.  They have expanded to several cities in Malaysia besides Kuala Lampur including Seremban, Johor Bahru and added a direct Singapore to Malaysia service as well.  TaxiMonger secured a pilot project with AirAsia to make their taxi booking service available to AirAsia customers.   The number of monthly passengers using TaxiMonger and the size of their taxi fleet continue to grow nicely.


Press Coverage

Malaysian Taxi App TaxiMonger Expands Coverage Outside Kuala Lumpur To Deal With Ongoing Rivalry
Malaysian taxi-booking app TaxiMonger has just expanded its service outside the capital city of Kuala Lumpur to cover Johor Bahru (the state sharing the border with Singapore). Additionally, it will run a Singapore-to-Johor service in a deal with cab operator JB-Tek, which currently runs that route…

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Waiting for a cab in oversized and overcrowded big cities is literally a nightmare. In addition to the issue of too many cars, informational asymmetries also contributed to…

TaxiMonger launches pilot test with AirAsia, booking app available via AirAsia Chrome app
Since late January, we’ve collaborated with AirAsia in a pilot project whereby flight purchasers are able to book their airport transfers with TaxiMonger…

Nizran interviewed on BFM 89.9FM
TaxiMonger is a cool web-application which allows you to do two(2) functions, which are Taxi Review and Taxi Booking. For the Taxi Review function, you are able to search by plate-number for past comments of the taxi you are getting a ride in. TaxiMonger was launched in February this year. Currently, the Taxi Review function is available not only for Malaysia but also for all countries in the South-East Asia region including Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia and Laos. We will be speaking to Nizran Noordin, founder of TaxiMonger about this long awaited app….

Virtual Taxi call-centre attracts cabbies
The “Open Day For Cabbies in Klang Valley” drew a crowd of taxi drivers eager to find out about TaxiMonger Sdn Bhd promotion of a virtual taxi call-centre which handles bookings and reviews online.
Ground transport – the exciting new battleground in travel distribution
Recognition by a Chinese travel digest.

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The launch of TaxiMonger’s taxi booking services for public beta testing.
TaxiMonger, a booking app, aims to crowdfund a short film about Malaysia’s notorious taxi drivers
Malaysian taxi drivers have been rated the worst in the world for the past 5 years by some publications, such as and The Expat magazine. To help correct this image, TaxiMonger, Malyasia’s online taxi booking service, hopes to raise…

TaxiMonger Wins At Malaysia’s Foremost “Oscar For ICT World”
KUALA LUMPUR: Winners of the MSC Malaysia APICTA 2012 Awards are all geared up to represent the country at the international level in Brunei, in December. TaxiMonger beats four(4) other finalists in the MSC Malaysia APICTA Awards 2012 for the Best of To…