SteadyFare lets travelers lock-in their airfare price months in advance so they don’t have to worry about price upswings and can plan their trip on their own schedule. By allowing customers to lock-in fares over a range of potential departure and return dates, SteadyFare provides flexibility and peace of mind for travelers who can’t yet pin down their exact departure date but don’t want to delay purchasing and risk paying more.

SteadyFare’s proprietary technology allows them to guarantee our customers an airfare for a flight on a range of up to seven departure dates and seven return dates. SteadyFare charges customers an upfront fee, and in return assures them that when they choose to buy their ticket at some point in the future, they will only pay the price quoted them for their ticket, regardless of what the current market value is.





SteadyFare secured initial customers and began to generate revenue but was subsequently targeted by a patent troll and unfortunately, was forced to shut down.

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