Metwit crowdsources weather data and produces detailed real time reports, implementing two-way communication between data sources and data consumers.  Developers, businesses and government agencies access Metwit’s APIs to create smart, mobile objects capable of sending and receiving environmental data, to improve the quality of all weather related services – from forecasts to emergency management.  Metwit’s big data API provides real-time hyperlocal weather information to 3rd party apps and media properties.



Metwit was recently selected by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the Top 100 Brilliant Companies of 2013.



50,000+ users on the platform.  Recently announced a deal with a large European media company, MediaNet to make their crowd sourced social weather information available to MediaNet’s 1 million+ users.  Received an additional grant from Techpeaks, an Italian agency promoting regional innovation.


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Metwit is a crowdsourced API platform that provides third party applications the ability to integrate media-rich local weather and environmental data that is hyperlocal and in real-time. The Metwit API Platform collects weather information from…

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Metwit è un’app per controllare che tempo fa nelle zone di nostro interesse, ma può anche essere utilizzata per verificare come cambia il clima. Gli utenti condividono le condizioni climatiche del posto in cui si trovano, con un eventuale c…

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MILANO – Volete sapere che tempo fa ma non vi fidate delle previsioni? Niente paura, da oggi c’è , il social network del meteo dove le informazioni vengono fornite direttamente dalla gente comune. Addio cartine geografiche specializzate, addio…