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We bring innovative emerging technologies to market.

SeedStartup is an international startup accelerator + seed venture fund with a global focus and an emphasis on diversity.

Each selected startup receives an investment of up to USD 25k ($20k if the team consists of 2 co-founders, $25k if it's 3 or more co-founders) in return for a 10% equity stake.

Startup founders then undergo an intense 3 month mentorship-driven hands-on, practical, personalized, entrepreneurship bootcamp under the close guidance of successful entrepreneurs, seasoned investors and domain experts.  The mentors are top tier talent from all around the world.  At SeedStartup we’re very heavy on the mentorship.  And we only work with the best mentors.  Get ready for some serious collaborative brainstorming, frequent pushback and no nonsense been-there, done-that guidance.  10 high-calibre mentors per startup. At least an hour per week with each. Personalized deep dives.  Intense.

about_imageBy the end of the program we expect participating startups to have developed early traction and be well positioned to raise their next round of funding.  At that point we facilitate introductions to regional and international angel investors and VCs from our extensive network.


Highly accelerated venture development.

Collaborate closely with top entrepreneurs, VCs and angel investors. Unique access to the best minds in the business.

We focus on helping you establish product-market fit and gain traction quickly. 3 months. Crazy intense. Super productive.

    A little bit of funding to get you going. $20k to $25k easily covers your early startup expenses during and after the program.


    Experience matters. It's not every day that you get access to successful entrepreneurs who have walked the walk and investors who have seen what works and what doesn't.


    We help with access to key media outlets who can get the word out for your startup.  PR is one of the most important and cost-effective customer acquisition channels.


    Your mentors also open up their (often extensive) networks for you.  That means access to investors, potential customers, strategic partners, key hires. You get the picture.


SeedStartup thinks global.  We have investments in Malaysia, Tanzania, Italy, Bahrain, India, Jordan, the US and the UK.

Notable: Metwit was selected by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the 100 Brilliant Companies of 2013. eGift cards retailer, eGifti has grown 1,800%. Rasello has increased their valuation 40x. Exa.io won the Intel Business Challenge MENA.
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Mentors, investors and founders share thoughts about the SeedStartup experience

86% of our startups received at least one follow-on investment offer.



Funded 300+ startups across multiple industries.  Prior to his career in investments, Rony was a technology entrepreneur (DiscountedProperties) with a successful exit in 2007.  Ex-Finisar (Silicon Valley), Citrix (South Florida), Khalifa Fund (Abu Dhabi).  London Business School MBA.  Masters & Bachelors in Computer Engineering.  Specialist in emerging markets.


MD of Waha Capital PJSC, an Abu Dhabi-based, publicly listed investment holding company with interests in aircraft and other big-ticket asset leasing, maritime, land development and financial services. Salem is a board member for Abu Dhabi Ship Building, Dunia Finance, Siraj Finance, MENA Infrastructure Fund, Aercap (NYSE Listed) and Bahrain's ADDAX Bank.


Things you should know.
  • When is your next program and how do I apply?

    The SeedStartup fund is now fully deployed and we will not be making any additional investments for 2015.

  • How many founders should be in the team?

    3 to 4 founders is ideal. However, we will consider teams with up to 5 or 6 founders. We will not consider single founders.

  • What team backgrounds do you look for?

    We prefer teams that are more technically oriented. Ideally, you will have at least 1 strong developer + 1 business person. Other good expertise to have within your team are UI/UX, design, product management, digital marketing, etc. Teams consisting of all business people will not be considered. On the other hand, we will look at teams that are all technical. Your team must have the technical ability to actually build your product within the 3 month program. If you’re planning on outsourcing the development of your product, we cannot consider your application. 

  • Can we apply with just an idea or should we already have a product built?

    We very strongly prefer that you show us an early prototype that you’ve already built. We would like to check it out and play around with it. It’s ok if it’s still very basic.

  • Does SeedStartup require that all founders quit their jobs to attend the program?

    Absolutely. All accepted team members must be working on their startup full-time during the entirety of the program and beyond. If you’re accepted, we’ll be investing our hard earned money in you because we think you’ll succeed. We’re serious about your startup and we expect the same of you.

  • Can anyone apply?

    Yes, SeedStartup is open to entrepreneurs from anywhere. However, the SeedStartup fund is now fully deployed and we will not be making any additional investments for 2015.


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